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Quality Dock Construction

We build it how it should be done. Not how it could be done.

Few things match the pleasure of waterfront living, particularly if you enhance it with a dock, seawall or boathouse that will be the family’s center for activity & leisure for years to come.

Creative Marine Construction will custom design your dock to your specifications. We use only quality materials & skilled carpenters to provide you with a dock you will be proud to show your friends.

Building Polk County's finest quality dock, decks, seawalls, boathouses and gazebos for over 30 years!

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Speaking of Docks
by Derek Avis

At Creative Marine Construction we take great pride in all our projects.
We have been building quality marine structures in Polk County for over 30 years and are determined to maintain our well deserved reputation of being the best at what we do.

When we design a facility, we take many factors into consideration, such as placing your boathouse far enough out into the lake so that when the water levels are low, you are still able to use it.

We have the experience and tools to do the job right
We have an abundance of specialized equipment, including specially designed, custom built, large floating work stations, to make sure your dock, seawall, deck or gazebo is built right.

Pilings are installed deep into the lake bed and set close together for superior strength and stability.
For even more strength, platforms and decks are double framed, framing is securely bolted to the pilings and decking is then screwed to the frame.

You can be sure that you will get quality construction because we build everything ourselves; we don't sub-contract your job out.

In short, we design functional facilities that not only work well, but look great!

Our facilities stand strong where others fail
When I would discuss a project with a potential customer, I would be asked, "How will it hold up in a hurricane?" Never having experienced one since 1980 when Creative Marine Construction was established, I would reply that I could not say for sure, but the ones we built would be the last ones to go.

Then, after 3 hurricanes ravaged Central Florida in 2004, we were bombarded with phone calls & emails from our Happy Customers who were ecstatic that their facility remained perfectly intact while many of their neighbor's docks and seawalls were totally destroyed. What once was a dock, boathouse or seawall lay scattered across the lakefront.

After the hurricanes, my customers realized the investment in stronger materials and superior construction techniques had really paid off. They were still able to enjoy their facilities while their neighbors sadly gazed at the devastation and faced costly repairs.

Don't get taken in by unscrupulous contractors
The fact is that in construction, it's easy to get taken in by shoddy contractors who just want to get the job done and take your money.

The old axiom, "you get what you pay for" was probably invented to describe the construction industry. Once a contractor starts work on a project and things begin to go wrong, it can lead to complete disaster and lots of wasted money.

It is so important to choose a quality contractor who not only knows how to do the job, but actually does the job right.

Please enjoy our website
We are proud that we have designed and built facilities that were still standing after being hit by 3 hurricanes.

I hope you enjoy our website and can take time to visit our photo gallery and read some of the references from our satisfied customers.

At Creative Marine ... We build it how it should be built ... Not how it could be built

Thank you for your time,
Derek Avis.

Creative Marine Construction Custom Work Platform

Deep water and heavy jobs are no problem for Creative Marine Construction. We are ready for any job with specialized equipment such as our custom built floating work stations.
What makes us the best!
  • Skilled carpenters who take pride in their work
  • Specialized equipment & tools
  • Engineer certified drawings for permits
  • No work is ever sub contracted
  • Two very large floating work stations for deep water construction & heavy piling installation

Our Services
  • Design & Build: Custom Docks * Marinas * Boathouses * Gazebos * Seawalls ( Wood & Aluminum) & Patio Decks
  • Install hoists and jet ski lifts
  • Refurbish and preserve decks, docks, and other structures
  • Tear out & remove old docks
  • Lakefront clearing & maintenance
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